IT Planning, Inc

IT Planning, Inc.

Nagoya Castle IT Planning, Inc. is a custom software development company in Nagoya, Japan. Since its founding in 2005, we have established a friendly working relationship with several financial firms, software vendors, and research institutes in Japan.

Our development team has expertise in statically-typed Functional Programming Languages, which are designed with safety and reliability in mind.

Our mission is to bring the power of functional programming to a much broader world of software development, resulting in more positive relationship benefits for our customers.

CONGA : The HTML5/CSS3-based Forex chart system, with smooth scrolling

conga On January 2011, we have delivered our brand-new Forex chart system CONGA to FX PRIME Corporation.

CONGA (demo here) is a lightweight Forex-chart in a webpage. Its scrolling is incredibly fast and smooth, and supported on major web browsers including Smartphones. CONGA applies brand-new CSS3 animation effects, which will bring out the real power of web browsers and richer user experience.

Our experience regarding this work will be presented at CUFP 2011!!

Our collegues published a Scala book in Japan

Scala Practical Programming Two of our colleagues, Satoshi OGASAWARA and Keigo IMAI, with the external three co-authors, have published a Scala book in Japan!